Services We Offer

Book Keeping:

Our services include advising you on the choice of appropriate accounting software and its setting up, as well as completely undertaking to carry out the accounting functions of your business.  Using up to date accounting software, we can assist you in the preparation of management accounts, bookkeeping and in complying with statutory accounting requirements.  Our specialised accounting software can aid in the:

  • Maintenance of a computerised nominal ledger
  • Preparation of tailored accounting reports
  • Preparation of ageing analysis of debtors as well as their statements
  • Monitoring of bank accounts through the preparation of reconciliation’s
  • Maintenance of stock records
  • Payroll services, Social Insurance registration and completion of returns
  • VAT bookkeeping services


Tax / Legal advice:

Company formation, Trust formation, corporate structuring to ensure tax efficient group structure

  • Trustee, Nominee and Secretarial services
  • Local and International tax planning for Companies and Individuals and consultation on international laws of taxation
  • Assistance to clients in dealing with Vat and Tax Investigations
  • Advice and support regarding double tax treaties
  • Registration with Tax and Vat authorities
  • Preparation and submission of VAT, VIES and tax returns

Transactions Management:

We can manage execution of transactions/bank payments on your behalf

  • Opening, maintaining and monitoring bank accounts
  • Creating and sending invoices to your clients and then monitoring client accounts and managing collection of balances
  • Managing your bank account and executing payment to suppliers

Management Consulting:

Effective support can ensure you are working “on” your business; not working “in” the business.  We will explain the numbers, and help identify risks and opportunities.  The details of how we can work with you are specific to each case.  However we can undertake roles from bookkeeping to day to day management, including management of;

  • Risk
  • Processes and controls
  • Internal information flow and reporting


An annual audit is a legal requirement for some companies.  An audit can provide vital information regarding the financial performance and operation of a company.  Audit service includes the following:

  • Statutory and non-statutory audits according to International Standards of Audit
  • Preparation of Financial Statements according to IFRS
  • Internal audits
  • Preparation and submission of Tax Return