Belize Key Benefits

Belize Benefits:

  • Zero % Company Tax
  • Zero reporting requirements (no audit and no tax returns)
  • Low cost of formation
  • Reputable and stable country

About Belize:

An IBC Is Formed By Filing Articles and Memorandum of Association Along With The Required Fees. A Belize IBC Can Be Used To:

  • Establish securities trading accounts in the United States, Canada and Europe, either directly or through intermediaries in Belize
  • Hold title to real estate in jurisdictions other than Belize;
  • Collect commissions, royalties or dividends or to re-invoice trade transactions.


Main characteristics:


  • There is no minimum paid up capital requirement, and capital may be expressed in foreign currency
  • An IBC may issue bearer shares and shares of no par value; but bearer shares must be held in the custody of a local registered agent;
  • Subscribers may include an individual, a corporation or a Trust
  • A company may have nominee shareholders using local licensed registered agents
  • There is a minimum of one director, who can be an individual or a corporation
  • A secretary is not required (but can be useful)
  • Each company must maintain a Registered Agent and a Local Registered Office using licensed individuals or companies – these are the only details about an IBC that are available on the public file
  • There are no requirements for an IBC to file details related to shareholders or directors or for the filing of audits or accounting reports
  • No meetings are required of directors or members
  • There are no exchange controls for an IBC
  • Foreign companies may continue (re-domicile) as Belize IBCs, and vice versa Belize IBCs are specifically exempted from any form of income tax, capital gains or transaction tax. Any IBC can conduct its business in any foreign currency it may choose free of the Belize government regulation or restriction

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