BVI Key Benefits

Key benefits:


Our clients are private entrepreneurs as well as professional intermediaries such as tax consultants, financial advisors, accountants and lawyers.

Our client base is purely global, reflecting on the worldwide popularity and recognition of BVI as an offshore tax haven.  We provide expertise in conjunction with a global perspective, supported experience in the offshore financial services business

BVI Tax:


A BVI Business Company is exempt from the BVI income tax, the same exemption applies to all dividends, interest, rents, royalties, compensations and other amounts paid by a company, and all capital gains realised with respect to any shares, debt obligations or other securities of the company. No estate, inheritance, succession or gift tax is payable with respect to any shares, debt obligations or other securities of a BVI BC. All transactions and instruments relating to transfers of any type of property of assets, shares, debt obligations or securities to or by a BVI BC are exempt from the stamp duty, with a sole exception for land-ownership transactions in the British Virgin Islands, in which case stamp duty remains payable.

A British Virgin Islands Business Company has separate legal personality and the same powers as a natural person

BVI Summary:

·         Factor ·          Description
·         Income tax in BVI ·         None
·         Conduct business internationally ·         Yes
·         Conduct business within BVI ·         Yes
·         Formally considered as resident in BVI ·         Yes
·         Official language / language of documents ·         English
·         Operational objects ·         No requirement to specify
·         Authorized capital ·         Not required as a concept
·         Minimum paid-up capital ·         No specific requirements
·         Considerations to the capital ·         In any currency or in kind
 Most effective number of shares (maximum amount at  minimum state fee) ·         50,000 shares (with or without par value)
·         Bearer shares ·         Yes (but to be held by a custodian only)
·         Registered Agent in BVI ·         Required
·         Registered Address in BVI ·         Required
·         Minimum number of directors ·         One
·         Non-resident directors ·         Allowed
·         Corporate directors ·         Allowed
·         Register of Directors ·         To be kept by the Registered Agent
·         Register of Directors filed for public record ·         No, but may choose to do so
·         Minimum number of Members (shareholders) ·         One
·         Register of Members ·         To be kept by the Registered Agent
·         Register of Members filed for public record ·         No
·         Holding of Annual General Meeting ·         Not required
·         Convention of Meetings of Directors / Members ·         Anywhere in the world, also by proxy
·         Corporate Seal ·         Mandatory
·         Imprint of Corporate Seal ·         To be kept by the Registered Agent
·         Corporate Minutes and Resolutions ·         To be kept by the Registered Agent
·         Disclosure of beneficial owners to Registrar ·         No
·         Disclosure of beneficial owners to Agent ·         Yes (confidential due diligence)
·         Keeping of accountst  Internally, only to enable a reasonably accurate determination of  financial position
·         Auditing of accounts ·         Not required
·         Filing of accounts ·         Not required
·         Double-tax avoidance treaties ·         Switzerland, Japan
·         Currency controls / restrictions ·         None
·         Available special types of company ·         Restricted purpose company Segregated portfolio company
·         Redomicile a foreign company into BVI ·         Yes
·         Redomicile a BVI company abroad ·         Yes
·         Net time to incorporate ·         3-5 days
·         Ready-made (shelf) companies ·         Available

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