Hong Kong Key Benefits

Key Benefits:


Hong Kong is a reliable and liberal World financial centre.

Formation of a Hong Kong Company is simple, but here are some other benefits:


  • Hong Kong is a major trading centre so a Hong Kong Company will enjoy a ‘legitimate’ reputation and is less likely to be regarded as a tax avoidance company
  • English is an official language and main business language and all reporting can be submitted English
  • An excellent banking system and communications infrastructure
  • Simple tax system
  • No restrictions on appointment of foreign Shareholders or Directors
  • Low cost of incorporation and maintenance
  • No minimum requirements for share capital
  • Foreign sourced trade profit is not subject to Hong Kong income tax
  • There is no capital gains taxes in Hong Kong
  • There is no withholding tax on interest, dividends and royalty
  • Foreign dividends are not a subject to Hong Kong income tax

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