Marshall Islands Key Benefits

Key Benefits:

  • Same business day incorporation
  • Marshall Islands IBCs exempt from local tax
  • No requirement to file financial statements or to complete annual returns
  • High level of confidentiality and in terms of potential risk of information disclosure to foreign Governments, the Marshall Islands is probably one of the most secure and confidential offshore jurisdictions
  • No currency exchange controls and capital can be expressed in any currency
  • No requirement for residency of Directors or Shareholders, and there is no obligation for an annual meeting to be held in the Marshall Islands
  • Migration of domicile permitted both into and out of the jurisdiction
  • No minimum company share capital requirement in Marshall Islands
  • Minimum number of Marshall Islands company directors is one (non-resident and corporate directors allowed).
  • Company secretary is require for Corporations (can be same as Director)
  • There is a choice for public records: you may choose to file information on director/shareholder at the Public Register, or you may keep it
  • No requirement for filing of company financial accounts or audit
  • Available name-endings for a Marshall Islands offshore corporation: “Limited”, “Corporation, “Incorporated”, “Society Anonyme”, “Aktiengesellschaft”, or abbreviations “Ltd.”, “Corp.”, “Inc.”, “S.A.”, “A.G.


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