Process and Requirements

Bank Account Process, Documents and Information Required

Bank Account Process:

The exact process and requirements will vary with different banks

We can inform you on request – However below is an outline of what you expect to be included:

  1. You send us details of the business activity and business owners
  2. We review the information together with the bank and obtain a provisional reply about opening the account
  3. Upon positive response from bank and payment of our fees, we proceed with introduction

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Documents and Information Required:

Bank Account Requirements Information

– Company Applying For a Bank Account –

Certified Copy of full set of company documents:

The type of certification will depend on where the company is registered

Website address:

The Bank will ask if you have a Website it is Required (Click Here – Create a Website)

Reason for opening the bank account:

Explanation why the company wants a bank account with bank “X”

Detailed description of business activity:

To include:

  • Proposed activity of the new Company
  • Expected turnover
  • Nature of transactions
  • Origin of incoming funds

Destination of outgoing funds

Ownership structure:

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– Ultimate Beneficial Owner Applying For Bank Account –

Contact details:


  • Coloured, certified copy
  • Type of certification depends on passport country

Bank Ref Letter:

“Mr ___ has had a bank account with this bank for __ years and during that time the account has been maintained according to agreed terms and conditions” Proof of residential address: Recent utility bill not older than 3 months


To include:

  • Source of wealth
  • Annual income
  • Main business activity

Proof of Residential Address

  • Copy of a Utility Bill to Confirm Your Address

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