Process & Requirements

Company Formation – Process & Requirements

Company Formation Process:


  • Step 1:  We confirm your needs and requirements and understand the details about the new company
  • Step 2:  Upon payment of fees, we proceed with company formation
  • Step 3:  We send you scanned copies of the company documents by email and send hard copies of company documents by courier

Company Formation Information Requirements:


If we are also introducing the new company for a bank account, the detailed information requirement will vary according to which bank and/or jurisdiction is required.  However, as a guide, the requirements will include the following:

Ultimate Beneficial Owner/s

  • Colour copy of passport
  • Recent utility bill (not older than three months) in English – we can arrange translation if required


Information about the company:

  • Ownership structure: Who will own the shares of the new company and what percentage
  • If any officer (director, secretary) or member (shareholder) of the new company will be a company (or any type of legal entity) a complete set of corporate documents will  be required
  • Business activity including;
    • Detailed description of business activity
    • Estimated income per year
    • What countries will incoming funds come from
    • What is the destination country of outgoing funds

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