Offshore Companies

Opening an Offshore Company is Quick and Easy

 Advantages of an Offshore Company:  

  • Nil or low taxes
  • Confidentiality and privacy protection
  • Business Can Be Conducted Internationally

In order to Achieve your goals, it is vital to select the best country (jurisdiction) in Which to register your offshore company. An offshore company can allow the owners of the business to Dramatically reduce tax liabilities legally.  The offshore company can open bank accounts and trade anywhere in the world like any other company; confidentiality.

Types of activity are:
Trading Companies Offshore:

For international trade; the order can be Placed by the offshore company and goods sent Directly to the client for the supplier. The client will pay the offshore company; THUS profits on the transactions May not incur tax.

Holding Companies:

An offshore holding company can be a tax-free solution, and dividends do not need to be paid so subsidiaries can benefit by accumulating profits in the offshore holding company.  Holding Company for Intellectual Property (IP), Copyright, Patents, Royalties: Offshore companies can own rights to use and to issue license agreements.

Trust or Foundation:

Trusts and Foundations are like structures and May be used for a variety ways to protect and manage assets Whilst providing the highest degree of confidentiality, and are Often used in conjunction with an offshore company structure.  Some uses for a Trust or Foundation include:

  • Asset Protection and confidentiality
  • Tax Planning
  • Provision for Dependants
  • Creating or making provision for Charities

Types of Business Activities:

The main uses for offshore companies are:

  • Tax-efficient structuring of international trade
  • Holding and investment companies
  • Offshore investment funds
  • Protection of Personal wealth using trusts
  • International financial services, notably banking and the trading of financial assets
  • ‘Captive’ insurance companies
  • Shipping registries
  • Betting and gaming
  • Including distribution of electronic goods and music software

Which Country:

Choosing the jurisdiction in which to incorporate an offshore company is vital. The answer will influence such issues as:

  • What banks will offer a bank account
  • If customers will regard the company as reputable
  • If authorities regard the company as proper

With these considerations in mind, we focus on jurisdictions that have good reputations and are not on Financial Action Task Force (FATFA) high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions list (see  Our recommended jurisdictions legislation combines high reputation, flexibility, and stable government.

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