Shelf Company / Ready Made Company

Open a Ready Made Company with a high degree of confidentiality

(Shelf Companies can be used immediately)

Ready Made Company

  • Cyprus Ready Made Company: From €1500*

The same day a Shelf Company is purchased you can start to trade / operate, or open a bank account. A Ready Made Company (Shelf Company) is a company that has been formed already but has not been used before. A Ready Made Company has no trading or operating history of any kind.Contact Your Offshore Company Formation Ltd, to discuss or ask any questions about Cyprus Ready Made Companies – as specialist in Company Formation / Company Registration in Cyprus and offshore.

* Cost does not include nominee services, or changes to company officers, name etc


  1. Upon receipt of payment, we draft transfer documents of the company 
  2. Company is immediately ready for use

* If any details of the company are changed, then Official Registrar must be notified and new certificates obtained.

Company Documents:  

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Certificates of Incorporation

Certificate of Shareholders

Certificate of Registered Office Address

Certificate of Directors and Secretary

Company stamp

As applicable Trust Deed and Declaration of Trust


Company Secretary:  Should be resident in Cyprus (We can provide a nominee Company Secretary)
Registered Office:  Should be located in Cyprus (We can provide a nominee Registered Office)
Company Director:  At least one Director should be resident in Cyprus for the company to benefit from Cyprus Company tax at 12.5%.  (We can provide a nominee Director)
Shareholder: We can provide a nominee shareholder.  This provides extra confidentiality

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