EU/EEA  Banks  benefit from being members of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Scheme.


Deposit guarantee schemes (DGS) reimburse a limited amount to compensate depositors whose bank has failed. A fundamental principle underlying DGS is that they are funded entirely by banks, and that no taxpayer funds are used.

Under EU rules, deposit guarantee schemes

  • protect depositors’ savings by guaranteeing deposits of up to €100,000
  • help prevent the mass withdrawal of deposits in the case of bank failure, which can create financial instability

The EU has gradually increased the level of deposit protection since the first directive for DGS was introduced in 1994.


  • Guaranteed deposits; per depositor; per credit institution
  • Value: Up to 100,000.00 Euro
  • Joint Account: Limit of 100,000.00 applies to each depositor
  • Reimbursement period: 7 working days

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