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B.V.I Offshore Company Formation

Opening an offshore Company in BVI with a high degree of confidentiality

Open a B.V.I Offshore CompanyBVI Company

The British Virgin Islands are British Dependent Territory islands in the Caribbean.

The BVI Financial Services Commission is the regulatory authority for all financial services and it ensures the privacy and confidentiality of legitimate businesses whilst prohibiting any illegal or unauthorised business. An Offshore Company can make your business tax efficient. Contact Us, we have great customer service!

Corporate Tax: 0 % Shareholder: Required
Annual Reporting: Not Required Director: Required
 Formation Time: 1 Day Company Secretary: Not Required
 Corporation Type: Limited / Ltd Registered Office: Included

BVI Company

 Set-Up Costs:

Privacy Pack

Executive Pack

Basic Pack

Company Formation $1,350 $1350 $1,500
Nominee Shareholder $380 $380 X
Nominee Director $380 X X
Company Secretary  Not Required Not Required Not Required
Registered Office  Included Included Included
Bank Account $700*  X  X
Total Set-Up Cost $2,810 $1,730 $1,500

*Bank account with Cyprus or Belize bank (further conditions apply)

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