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EU Member State; Low Tax Rate; Over 43 Tax Treaties

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– We have our HQ in Cyprus, so we are “Cyprus Experts”


The Republic of Cyprus is in the eastern Mediterranean and a reputable and legitimate, low tax jurisdiction.  Cyprus is also a full member of the European Union (EU), using the Euro currency, and boasts over 43 double tax treaties which can assist in international tax planning.  Planning is an important aspect of registering a company.  We will assist and advise you, to make sure the Cyprus company is structured in a way meets your needs and can maximise tax efficiency.

Set Up Costs:

Privacy Pack

Executive Pack

Basic Pack

Company Formation  €900  €1,100  €1,100
Nominee Shareholder  €350  X  X
Nominee Director  €350  X  X
Company Secretary  €250 €250  X
Registered Office  €250  €250  X
Bank Account  €500*  €500*  X
Bookkeeping Services  €800**  X  X
Total Set-Up Cost  €3,400  €2,100  €1,100

*Bank account with Cyprus or Belize bank (further conditions apply) **Based on up to 100 transactions per year


Corporate Tax: 12.5 % Shareholder: Required
Annual Reporting: Required Director: Required
 Formation Time: 2 Weeks Company Secretary: Required
 Corporation Type: Limited / Ltd Registered Office: Required

Cyprus Annual Reporting Requirements:

Corporate Tax –  Annual submission of IR4 and HE32 to Inland Revenue and Company House. Submitted upon completion of audit.

VAT –  VAT registered companies must submit a VAT Report on a quarterly basis.

VIES –  VIES registered companies must submit monthly reports.

Annual Government Levy – Payable each June (Failure to do so results in penalties and could result in the striking-off of the company from the Registry).

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