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This is not a factoring service!  This is a credit control service aimed at establishing and maintaining control of your “Accounts Receivables”, whilst preserving and promoting your relationship with your clients.

In order to preserve and promote relationships, we adopt your customer – client relationship ethos, and manage the client accordingly.


Upon agreement a clearly defined communications and reporting framework between the Consultant and the Client will be created.  The assignment tasks will be divided into three broad phases:

  • Assessment of AR Ledger, to gain an early and thorough understanding:
    • Clearly define and understand the goals and required tasks
    • Review detailed histories of particular accounts
    • Provide client with an overall profile of the ledger
    • Formulate an Assignment Strategy
    • Get approval of strategy from partners. This is essential in order to ensure that issues are dealt with efficiently and diligently
  • Implementation of Strategy
    • The Consultant will direct and manage the strategy, whilst liaising and coordinating closely with the Client per the agreed communications framework
  • Post-implementation review
    • Upon completion of the assignment, in line with pre-agreed parameters, the assignment will be evaluated
    • Optional extra the Consultant is able to offer the continued monitoring of a defined portfolio of customers on an on-going basis or when the need arises


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