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Tax Planning Services & Strategies:

Company formation / corporate structuring to ensure tax efficient group structure:

  • Nominee and Secretarial services
  • Local and International tax planning for Companies and Individuals and consultation on international laws of taxation
  • Assistance to clients in dealing with Vat and Tax Investigations
  • Advice and support regarding double tax treaties
  • Registration with Tax and Vat authorities
  • Preparation and submission of VAT, VIES and tax returns

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Cost of Cyprus Company Audit Services:

Correct and legal tax planning can greatly reduce the tax burden for businesses. European company incorporation and European tax planning go hand in hand. Indeed, for many people, the main reason for opening a company abroad is to reduce the amount of tax that they pay.

If you live in a high-tax country but you open a company where there’s low or zero tax you may be able to attribute profits to that country – and therefore pay less tax!

Specialist Euro Tax Planning Services:

Euro tax planning is complex and the stakes are frequently high, which is why successful European tax planning is one of the fundamental services that our partners Tax Planning World wide offer to our clients.


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Our European tax planning specialists offers broad range of Euro Tax Planning services and Tax Advice Europe. Tax Planning Worldwide boast extensive and in depth knowledge of the tax regimes of each of the countries in which we operate and our Euro tax planning advisers are experts on a number of key areas including:

  • Local tax regulations in the context of international best practice
  • Strategies for mitigating tax liability

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