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Seychelles Offshore Company Formation

Opening an offshore Company in Seychelles with a high degree of confidentiality

Open a Seychelles Offshore CompanySeychelles Company

The Seychelles is an ex-British colony in the Indian Ocean.  A Seychelles offshore companies benefits from 0% corporate tax, good asset protection and confidentiality. There is no requirement to submit public reports or audit, but IBCs are must keep accounts and registers.

Seychelles also offers “Special Licences” to companies wishing to offer regulated services (see Seychelles Special Licence Company for more information).


Corporate Tax: 0 % Shareholder: Required
Annual Reporting: Required Director: Required
Formation Time: 1 Day Company Secretary: Not Required
Corporation Type: Limited / Ltd Registered Office: Included

Seychelles Company

Privacy Package

Executive Package

Basic Package
Company Formation $795 $795 $895
Nominee Shareholder $380 $380  X
Nominee Director $380  X  X
Company Secretary  Included Included Included
Registered Office Included Included Included
Bank Account  $900*  $900*  X
Bookkeeping Services $500**  X  X
Total Set-Up Cost $2,955 $2,075 $895

*Bank account with Cyprus bank (further conditions apply) 

**Based on up to 100 transactions per year

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