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ST Vincent Bank Account

Opening a bank account in St Vincent’s (an island in the Caribbean) is fast and straightforward. It takes 1-2 days to open the account after all the information has been provided to the bank

Facilities include debit cards, ebanking and extensive wealth management services. Bank: Euro Pacific Bank (https://europacbank.com/)


  • Account details are confidential and shared by the bank other than legal authorities
  • No visit to bank required
  • Timing:  Subject to review of the application forms and supporting information requirements, it takes 1-3 days for the account to be opened.
  • Costs: SEE LINK


Certified Copy of full set of company documents:

The type of certification will depend on where the company is registered

Website address:

The Bank will ask if you have a Website it is Required (Follow Link – Create a Website)

Detailed description of business activity:

To include:

  • Proposed activity of the new Company
  • Expected turnover
  • Nature of transactions
  • Origin of incoming funds

Destination of outgoing funds

Ownership structure:

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Reason for opening the bank account:

Explanation why the company wants a bank account with bank “X”

Products and Services:

A full range of business and personal banking services are available, including;

  • Debit cards
  • e-Banking
  • Business Loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Trade Finance
  • Deposits
  • Investment Services
  • Cards
  • Electronic Banking
  • Payroll Payments
  • Mass Payments
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Funds Transfer

Information Requirements:

  • Copy of full set of company documents
  • Copy of passports
  • Proof of address (bank statement not acceptable)
  • Original Bank reference letter

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