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UK Bank Account


UK Bank Account Process

The exact process and requirements will vary from bank to bank.

  1. You send a profile of your company, account requirements and scanned copies of the required information and documents (see below)
  2. Subject to review of the profile and information, by us and the bank; we issue an invoice
  3. Upon receipt of payment we send you account application forms (payment is made in full and is not refundable)
  4. Account opened subject to review of completed application forms and supporting information

No Visit Required

Payments into the Cyprus bank account can be received and credited to your account faster than in other countries, thus saving you time and money.

  • Bank of England Deposit Protection Scheme: Up to to £85,000 euro
  • Full suite of business services, including debit cards, e-banking, multiple currencies
  • SEPA (Single European Payment Area) payments for lower transaction costs.
  • Accounts are issued with IBAN numbers for SWIFT payments
  • No visit to bank required
  • Subject to meeting requirements of the bank and supporting information requirements, it takes about 3 weeks to open

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